EasyForms Plugin


The Easy Forms plugin has been superseded by Hippo Enterprise Forms. Many new features have been added, including support for multi-page forms, grouping of fields and reuse of those groups across fields, conditional form fields, more flexible field validation and many usability improvements.

Enterprise Forms is maintained and supported by Hippo and available to Hippo Enterprise subscribers.

Easy Forms is now a community-maintained plugin.


The EasyForms plugin allows you to build simple HTML forms within Hippo CMS. Standard features include validation, form data persistence and export, form submission by e-mail, confirmation by e-mail, and many common form field types and validation rules.

In addition, EasyForms is very extensible. It supports custom field types and validation rules, and pluggable behaviors.

Installation instructions

This plugin consists of three modules: a CMS module, a repository module and an HST module.

Instructions on how to obtain and install the CMS and repository modules can be found on the CMS install page.

Instructions on how to obtain and install the HST module can be found on the HST install page.

Versions and compatibility

Below is an overview of the available versions and the Hippo CMS release they are compatible with.

From version 2.11.00, the CMS and HST modules share the same version number. EasyForms 2.11.xx is compatible with all Hippo CMS 7.7.x versions, but is not included in the Hippo CMS release poms until version 7.8. The included EasyForms 2.10.xx from the release pom can safely be overridden in your project.

EasyForms version Hippo version
2.14.xx 7.9.x
2.12.xx 7.7.x, 7.8.x
2.11.xx 7.7.x, 7.8.x

Up to version 2.10.xx, the CMS and HST modules had their own separate version numbers:

CMS plugin HST component CMS HST
2.10.xx 2.10.xx 2.22.xx 2.24.xx
2.09.xx 2.09.xx 2.22.xx 2.24.xx
2.08.xx 2.08.xx 2.20.xx 2.24.xx
2.07.xx 2.06.xx 2.20.xx 2.20.xx